About me

Main Expertise C# (C Sharp), PHP and Javascript. IDE Visual Studio.
Team and Tasks apps Teamwork experience with JIRA - Slack - / SCRUM workflow.
Web sites and systems Website development with CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, React, Node, among others, server and instance configuration (Google Compute Engine / Amazon WS), domains and CMS, WP, Drupal, etc.
Apps Development and publication of applications for Android, iOS, Windows Desktop, Tizen SmartTV, Smartwatch.
Software and Videogames Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity3D, Construct2, Blender 3D Model, Rigging, UV and Animation, Audition among others.
Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences for both Oculus DK1, DK2, Rift and Google Cardboard, and AR on Android (ArCore) and iOS (Arkit2).
Interaction Kinect and WebCams Tracking-Detection developments, body and gesture recognition, AR and advanced image and video detections (OpenNI, AForge).
Circuits and plates Arduino boards integrations on Unity, through the use of different types of sensors.
Operating systems CMD skills, DOS / Linux consoles.
Other and good practices Some knowledge on Java, C, C++, and Lua. Regex, use of CamelCase and early Method/Class Documentation